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Cleaner Harbour

Better Ecology

Oysters Save Our Seas

Photo by Dan Freeman on Unsplash

Our Mission

The Hong Kong Marine Ecological Association (HKMEA) is a non-profit organisation dedicated to restoring our marine environment to a biologically diverse and sustainable state for all to enjoy. 

Oysters Save Our Seas (Oyster SOS) is our flagship project to restore oyster reefs in Hong Kong.

Why Oysters?

 Improve Water Quality 

 Oysters are filter feeders and an adult oyster can filter as much as 200L waters a day! 

Our Work


Informed, guided, and monitored by scientific research.

US Horn Point Lab_Handful of oyster babi

Deploy oyster shells for baby oysters to hatch on and form oyster reefs. 

LFS_AP_Ginger talk for HKUST.JPG

Equip youths with skills to protect our marine environment.

HKEFF_Child Shell Painting.JPG

Promote marine conservation to local communities.   

How Can You Help?

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Spread the word!

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