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About Oysters

Save Our Seas

Our vision is a biologically diverse and sustainable marine environment

for life to flourish and people to appreciate. 

Our Story.

As a coastal city with 263 islands, the ocean is an integral part of Hong Kong. Yet, decades of over-exploitation and pollution have plagued our waters with environmental problems. For instance, excessive nutrients in effluents have caused red tide outbreaks, affecting marine life and humans alike.

To turn the tide, we formed the Hong Kong Marine Ecological Association (HKMEA) in 2020 and are launching our flagship project ‘Oysters Saves Our Seas’ (Oyster SOS) in 2021. Through restoring oyster reef habitat in polluted waters, we aim to improve Hong Kong’s water quality and marine ecosystems. The project engages diverse stakeholders (academics, NGOs, oyster & fish farmers, educators, government officials, religious groups, etc.) and integrates ecological restoration, scientific research, education, and public engagement to achieve our goal. But most importantly, We Need YOUR Support!  

Our Story



More information coming soon. 

Our Partners
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